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The whimsical extracurricular centre with activities in English for children aged from 3 to 12. We have our own method of teaching which improves oral English skills.



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Arsemma and Getasew have attended  WonderFUN for the past two years and they love going. In addition to drastically improving their language skills and their continued interest in learning English, we believe that the methodology that WonderFUN uses is what is needed to achieve this. They speak very fondly of the whole WonderFUN team.

Edu,Arsemma y Getasew (6 years old)

In my opinion, two stories sum up your centre, but summarising these anecdotes in three sentences is not easy.

  1. After an intense day, we leave school exhausted, its starts raining and we haven’t got our waterproofs on. I say: “Gabrial, what if we skip WonderFUN today and go home and play in stead?” He looks at me in disbelief and starts crying in the middle of the street. “Waaaaaaaah, noooo, mummy, waaaaaah, I want to go.” It was obvious that I had made a big mistake.
  2. Saint George’s Day, I bought two books, one in Spanish and one in English. Irene cannot read yet but she likes making up stories. Alone in her room, she picks up the Spanish book and starts explaining what she sees. Afterwards, she picks up the English book and, to my surprise, she explains what was happening in English. It was incredible!
Eli,Gabriel and Irene (9 and 6 years old)

We are very pleased to be a part of the  WonderFUN -family. Their method thoroughly immerses their pupils in the language through their well-selected activities (NATURE, ARTS& CRAFTS AND THEATER). And the most important part is that our children always enjoy going, both during the academic year as well as during the camps and mini-camps they have attended. I am convinced that – to a great extent – the secret to their success is the hard work, enthusiasm and joy which all of the WonderFUN staff show the children. Congratulations, thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Elena,Alex and Víctor (7 and 5 years old)

My oldest daughter started going to  WonderFUN when she was 3 three years old and this was her first contact with English. She really enjoys it as the school uses a very playful method, with crafts, games, fancy-dress, etc. As a parent, I also feel confident with the professionalism, as the teachers always speak to the children in English.

Emma,Sira and Arlet (7 and 3 years old)

My children have attended  WonderFUN once a week for the entire course. They have enjoyed going as they do activities that are different from those that they normally do at school. Consequently, they improve their English without making much of an effort. We have noticed the improvement. The oldest child can now construct easy sentences and the small one understands English pretty well and can say and recognise lots of words. On balance, we have been very happy with the course.

María,Marc and Quim (6 and 4 years old)

We are very pleased with the entire  WonderFUN experience. Òria always leaves the centre in a very good mood. She doesn’t have the sense of having “worked”; instead, she plays and has fun and we have noticed that her interest in speaking English has increased in the last two years, as well as her ability to understand and communicate in this language. We thoroughly recommend  WonderFUN , as it is proving to be a great experience. Thanks a lot, WonderFUN !

Berta,Òria (6 years old)

WonderFUN = Surprising

It is difficult to find a school where everyone involved is so enthusiastic and professional. They pour lots of creativity into each project and ensure that no child loses interest at any time, whether they be 3 or 8 years old. They learn English playfully and orally and this gives the children a lot of confidence. Keep up the good work!

Esther,Roger (10 years old)

Questions, comments or suggestions?

Please write an email to hola@wonderfunbcn.com

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