About us

WonderFUN offers playful activities in English, created to allow children from the ages of 3 to 12 to learn and practice English while they play.

The WonderFUN-universe is both wonderful and fun, hence the name; WonderFUN.

At WonderFUN we encourage abilities such as creativity, the use of the imagination, experimentation, teamwork and ecological awareness.

WonderFUN is unique to Barcelona. We are not part of a franchise nor do we prescribe to a standard method; instead, we have developed our own method. We believe that our friendly and familiar treatment is key to ensuring that our pupils feel at home, happy and motivated to come to WonderFUN week after week. We like to get to know each one of our pupils and understand their needs. Therefore, our teaching method is personalised and constantly adapted to suit the requirements of each group.

The WonderFUN team

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Our method

WonderFUN is not an English language academy. It is an educational centre focused on improving English oral skills which is achieved through our method of rotating three activities: Arts and Crafts, Nature y Theatre.

Once at WonderFUN, our mascots – four animals who are friends – will guide and follow your child through his or her learning process:

descubre-cangur Maloo the Kangaroo descubre-elefant Stephan the elephant descubre-grantoa Bob the frog y descubre-jirafaJane the giraffe.

If we had to summarise our method in two words, these would be immersion and play

We are convinced that playing accelerates the learning process and improves young learners’ ability to retain information. We strongly believe that the best way to learn a language is born out of the need to communicate and express one’s ideas and be understood. Therefore, we have developed a method that is based on experimentation and experience; not on learning abstract information (with books, CDs, etc.).

The WonderFUN-universe is designed to ensure that our pupils only speak English. With help from our teachers, your child will come into contact with the language and – almost without noticing – learn English words and grammatical structures while he or she plays.

Our students receive personalised care and attention because the groups are small (maximum 10 children/group) and are divided into different age groups. Therefore, our children come to us feeling happy and motivated and they learn the language because they really want to.

Our method is designed to work in the long term, to ensure that the children learn words and grammatical structures that are needed in order to understand and communicate correctly in English.

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